The E - State

No, we’re not talking about your online presence or a physical estate, the “e” stands for energy; and your e-state matters.

Your energy impacts every aspect of your life, including your mental, physical, and emotional health. It determines how you interact with people, how you view the world, and in turn, the outcomes you get. Everything is connected and that begins with your energy output.

There are three states of energy, so take a look at the following examples and determine which one you fall under, and how you can shift categories if you find yourself in the wrong one.


This is generally where your energy focuses on “less than” rather than “more than”. For example, in this instance, if you were to wish for something you’d phrase it like, “I just want less [stress, illness, negativity] moving forward.” With this, you’re still focusing your energy on the negative, rather than turning your attention to attract the positive – it’s important to shift that.


While energy neutral may not be as bad as energy poor, you can still work to improve it. Energy neutral is the same as being complacent, and while it’s helpful to be satisfied with what you’ve got, you can still step it up a gear to be energy-rich. For example, as an energy-neutral person, your outlook may look like this, “I want to stay the exact same, I am fine with my health, well-being, and outlook, I see no reason for change”.


When you’re energy-rich, you seek to attract more positive energy into your life so that you can continue to improve, continue to protect your health, and strive for more overall. For example, you may say things like, “I’m happy with my progress, but I’m ready to up my game to really take my health and wellbeing to the next level” or “I’ve achieved my fitness goals, now I’m ready to improve my nutrition to become the healthiest I can possibly be!”

To kickstart your energy shift, try to find a positive focus for every situation, push yourself to think of what the next level could be, and visualize the bigger mission rather than the immediate challenge to push yourself for more.

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