4 Chiropractic Exercises That Can Alleviate Wrist Pain

Pain management tips from the best Solana Beach chiropractors

The hands undergo a lot of work on a daily level. As soon as you awaken every morning, your hands are in constant motion with various actions such as pulling, zipping, eating, and holding items. Because of the constant movement of your hands, one can understand how wrist pain can easily set in. Also, wrist pain could easily turn into a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

For pain to be alleviated, you need to be familiar with a few exercises from expert chiropractors that are proven to make the wrist stronger while maintaining flexibility in the hands.

  1. Praying for Pain Relief

Twin Waves Wellness Team

This stretch is for the beginner who can use the exercise to stretch their wrists. The praying stretch exercise is both very beneficial and easy to conduct no matter what you´re currently doing. Whether in the car at a stoplight, at work, or in your home. The steps to take are straightforward and basic in nature.

Conducting the Exercise:

Join your hands as if you are praying. Then, have both elbows touch. The hands, fingers, and elbows need to be completely touching one another.

As palms are pressed, gradually separate the elbows. As you do this, lower both hands and align them towards your waist. Pause once the hands reach your abdomen and a stretch is felt. Maintain the stretch for 35 seconds before repeating each stretch.

  1. Flexions and Extensions

To conduct the flexions and extensions, a flat area with nice padding is required to maintain your comfort. The exercises begin by moving both wrists and all fingers throughout a complete range of motion so that the tendons can function normally. The exercise has to be conducted at a slow pace in order for an injury to be eliminated.

Conducting the Exercise:

Have a forearm placed on a towel rolled on a table as the hand hangs over the table edge, with the palm facing the ground. Then lift your hand up to initiate a good stretch. Once the stretch is felt, go back to the start and repeat the exercise as much as can be tolerated.

  1. Pronations and Supination

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Conducting pronation and supination is similar in nature to flexions and extensions. To be performed nice padding is needed. In order for a nice stretch to be felt, you can combine both pronations and supinations together with the flexions and extensions.

Conducting the exercise:

Have the forearm laying on a padded table and your thumb pointing up. Conduct a full range of motion with the wrists moving up and down and repeat as much as necessary.

  1. Clinching the Fists

With clinching the fists the exercises enable you to enhance the entire wrist so that it remains flexible and can decrease your chance for injury. Conducting a stretching exercise like this is a good preventative in order to alleviate pain in the wrist. Nevertheless, when a current wrist injury exists, you are better to forego clinching.

Conducting the exercise

In a sitting position, place your palms upon each thigh and slowly close the hands to make a fist but not tight.

As the forearms touch the legs, lift the fists up and return them to the body as you bend the waist. Maintain for at least 15 seconds then have the fists lowered and open the fingers slowly.

Conduct the exercise 10-15 times and maintain persistence with the exercise so that pain can be reduced while strength is increased.

For pain that continues after conducting the above exercises, it is advised that you consult your doctor or chiropractor to go over an exercise routine that would work perfectly.

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