Julianne Hough Experiences a Network Spinal Entrainment

Singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress, Julianne Hough, experienced a Network Spinal entrainment live in front of a crowd. This is one of several catalyst moments in mainstream media that has helped catapult Network Spinal to the forefront of holistic energy healing. Others include shoutouts from Tony Robbins, and the Netflix show The Goop Lab Episode 5.

The internet world went crazy when they saw Julianne Hough receive Network Spinal Analysis care from Dr. John Amaral. Network Spinal, formerly known as Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), is a gentle force chiropractic technique that focuses on the root cause of pain. There are no band-aids or temporary fixes with this line of work. The vision is purely holistic.

Because NSA digs so deep into the emotional realm, people often experience huge releases that can seem crazy. Let’s break down the Network Spinal entrainment that Julianne Hough experienced.

Julianne Hough Getting Entrained by Dr. John Amaral

How crazy do you think this looks? Many people around the world saw this and questioned the legitimacy of network spinal chiropractic care.

Could this be an exorcism?” – anonymous, skeptical human being

We get it. This looks pretty crazy, especially if it’s your first time ever being exposed to Network Spinal chiropractic. Is this just another Los Angeles actress with a chic short hairstyle acting for attention? Interestingly enough, Julianne’s reaction to getting entrained is quite common. It does not happen every time someone gets an entrainment.

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Each person reacts and expresses themselves differently. Because she is a dancer, there’s a good chance that she is very in tune with her own body. Typically, people that have more overall awareness of their body tend to express things emotionally through movement.

NSA Emotional Release

Emotions are powerful. How about when they have been built up for years? People can experience an emotional release from NSA (Network Spinal Analysis). Similar to Julianne Hough, it can appear dramatic and intense.

Why is Julianne so intense?

Ms. Hough is likely unwinding some tension stored in her body. This tension can be purely from physical injury, but usually has an emotional component to it.

As humans, we have survival mechanisms that help keep us safe when traumatic events happen. Have you ever buried a scary thought because you don’t want to deal with it right now? You’re not alone. Although doing this helps us survive that moment, it can reappear later in life through sickness, pain, or injury. Think about it…

Your body becomes tense during tense moments in life. If you don’t fully deal with those events, that tenseness can get stuck in your emotions and body. Over time, anxiety and depression can show themselves as physical pain. Those survival mechanisms got us through tough times, but are not necessarily serving us now that we are out of the situation. That is the difficult part of being human – letting yourself be loved.


Twin Waves Wellness Team

Being vulnerable is NOT EASY. Network Spinal entrainments help people confront these areas of stored tension, and uncover the root cause of that tension/pain. Many times, it is emotional (to a degree) from something in the past. It could also be a concern about the future.

Either way, Julianne Hough experienced the ‘network wave’ as she got entrained. This does not mean that she is dealing with emotional trauma. She may be 100% a-okay in her life. Everyone experiences NSA differently. However, when people first start developing the wave that you see in the video with John Amaral, it is often because they are releasing tension that has been stuck for a long time.

NSA is a great way to become more in tune with your body. If you are experiencing any type of anxiety or depression, contact us to learn how we can help. We provide a safe space for all to heal and are here to support you.

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