Quantum Healing

Why do we do the work we do? Because we know there is an innate, healing intelligence of the body. The same innate wisdom of mother nature that flows through our skies and changes our seasons is the same intelligence that flows through our bodies. It’s the same nurturing life force that heals an injury or wound. How is it that an entire redwood tree forest can grow back after a destructive fire? What is it that enables our heart to pump automatically, or our cells to repair after damage? It’s that same universal and innate intelligence – we are ALL a part of this Source Energy. And THIS is the foundation of chiropractic. 

What is Quantum Healing?

Each of our healing experiences – our thoughts and our bodies – impacts one another. How can this be if we aren’t physically connected? The answer is that we are all deeply connected through a phenomenon called quantum entanglement. Entanglement is a term in physics that says once something is unified, even if it’s physically separated by many miles or lightyears, energetically it is still connected; we are a part of each other on this earth. 

So what is it that connects us? You’ve heard about forces that connect us from Disney movies like Pocahontas, the Lion King, and Avatar, but have you ever wondered what it means? It’s actually science! The truth is that there is a unifying field of energy that flows through all of us. Just like how an atom is primarily made up of empty space, or “the cloud,” we are all connected by a field of invisible energy, called the quantum field. Quantum physicists for almost 100 years have been trying to understand this unifying field. And this quantum field is what allows us all to heal, manifest our desires, and create from the unknown.

THIS is why, at Twin Waves Wellness Center in San Diego, we acknowledge that one person’s healing impacts and helps another’s healing. Through all of these forces – the innate intelligence of our bodies, quantum entanglement, and quantum physics, we become empowered to participate in the healing of ourselves and others on a global and universal level.

People deserve a full chance at their natural healing and inborn wisdom. Click here to learn more about gentle holistic chiropractic care; we help people harness that innate intelligence within them, so that they may heal, grow, and live the lives they were meant to live – for themselves, for their loved ones, and for the evolution of the consciousness of our planet.

For more information on quantum entanglement and quantum physics, check out work by Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Or watch a short video below.

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