5 Reasons Why Chiropractors Require So Many Visits

People often wonder why chiropractors require so many visits. The short answer is, that change takes time. This goes for both physical and emotional change. At our chiropractic office, people come in for a multitude of reasons. A popular one is lower back pain. Naturally, recovering from lower back pain takes a certain amount of time, effort, and care to treat. Everyone’s body is different, which makes being a doctor challenging at times. The goal of a chiropractor is not to have patients come in for their entire lives. Chiropractic care makes sense for certain people at certain times in their lives. However, we do believe that chiropractic care can help many different people.

Here are the top reasons that a chiropractor requires so many visits from their patients.

1. Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Plain and simply, change doesn’t happen overnight. Most people (including Doctors) usually hate change. A person comes in to see a chiropractor because they want to experience some sort of change. A few examples of changes that people hope to see from visiting the chiropractor include:

  • Reduce pain
  • Treat injury
  • Brake through emotional barriers
  • Change old patterns
  • Increase confidence
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Strengthen connection between the mind and body

Have you ever heard of these things happening in one day? Not very likely. Going to the chiropractor is just like going to the gym. If you want to get 6-pack abs and huge muscles, it takes months of consistent effort to get there. You don’t get in shape from going to the gym once. Even if you go a few times for an entire month, you might get a little more in shape, but most likely won’t hit the huge goals that you set for yourself. Change takes lots of time. That is the primary reason that chiropractors require so many visits.

Consistency and Accountability

It is for the best interest of you, not the doctor. Similar to going to the gym, consistency is key. If you work out for an entire year, but only went to the gym twice a month for that entire year, do you think you’ll experience huge results? Not likely. The cold, hard truth is that consistency is required to achieve anything big in life. It’s important to remember that anything is possible and to stay confident. When times get tough and you are struggling to attend your chiropractic visits, remember your big why. What is the primary reason that you are seeing the chiropractor? If you believe that you can get there, you must put in the time and effort. As professional chiropractors, we will do the same in return.

Accountability is also something that everyone (in the world) struggles with. Since there are at least two parties involved in a chiropractic visit (you and the chiropractor), you can keep each other accountable. As chiropractors, our goal is to support you along your healing journey. When the times get tough, we are here for you. If you feel like you’re struggling to find the motivation to come in, let us know. We are always here to listen and give our feedback/support to you. Life can get busy and we completely understand that. Remember your main goals of why you come in to receive chiropractic care. This will help provide you with clarity on what to do when you revalidate where you want to go.

2. Chiropractic Visits Build On Themselves

The power of a chiropractic visit builds on the previous one that you received. Similar to working out and getting stronger with each workout, your body gets more adaptable and receptive to chiropractic care as you receive more of it. As holistic chiropractors, we provide your body with strategies to help you deal with emotional trauma from the past and stress in the future. The more that we are able to work with your emotional intelligences, the more strategies we can help you develop.

Our goal is to help you unlock the best version of yourself. As powerful as chiropractic care is, that’s hard to do in only a few sessions. Chiropractic care builds on itself. The more effort you give to the practice, the more you will get back in return. These physical and emotional strategies are ones that you can carry throughout life. Consistent chiropractic care helps you develop them and keep them sharp.

3. Injury Recovery Takes Time

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Recovering from an injury takes time. Although you can experience instant pain relief from one chiropractic adjustment, that may fully treat the injury. Severe and chronic injuries affect multiple parts of the body, not just the area that is in pain. Because of this, it takes time to heal and fully recover. Chiropractic care is not a quick fix. To fully recover from a major injury that has been plaguing you for years, it can take time to recover.

4. Emotional Trauma is Hard to Overcome

Emotional trauma is something that holistic chiropractic care helps you overcome. At Twin Waves Wellness Center, we practice Network Spinal. This is a holistic approach to chiropractic care that has a large emotional component tied to it. We help people unwind stored tension in their bodies that is oftentimes there from past emotional trauma. Dealing with tough times of your past is arguably one of the hardest things to do in life. It’s hard to face things head-on that were so hurtful.

This is another reason why chiropractors require so many visits. Diving deep within your soul to uncover the emotional battles that you are fighting is hard. It’s much easier to stop coming into a chiropractic office and run in the other direction. Don’t worry, we have been there! As holistic chiropractors, we strive to provide a safe space for all to heal. The energy healing that we provide helps people work through difficult emotional traumas. Through consistent chiropractic care, you can overcome anything.

5. There’s Always More in Life to Optimize

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Why stop at good when life can be great? Chiropractic care helps people optimize their lives and get the most out of each day. You can feel fantastic emotionally and physically after implementing wellness practice into your routine, such as chiropractic care. The more chiropractic care you receive, the more that you can enhance your life. There is no limit to this work! That is the amazing thing about it. You can continue to soar through the skies, experience bliss, and feel stronger every day. Chiropractic care puts you, your body, and your soul first above all else. Give your body and your soul the treatment that it deserves. Contact us today to learn more about how chiropractic care can help enhance your life.

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