How Do I Know if I Need a Chiropractor?

The body is a mysterious and complicated vessel. When things start to go wrong, people often wonder if they should see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care, along with many other wellness practices, can help decrease pain, improve physical function, and improve overall happiness. It’s easy for people to brush how they feel under the rug. Have you ever dismissed your back pain as ‘nothing major’, ultimately leaving it untreated? Many people do this! While some heal and recover on their own, others prolong the healing process. If you are dealing with physical pain or emotional trauma, seeing a chiropractor can help you feel better.

Here are several reliable reasons to help you identify if you need to see a chiropractor or not.

Lower Back Pain

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Are you struggling to treat chronic lower back pain? This injury oftentimes becomes engrained as a story within a person’s life that they cannot remedy. As impossible as it may seem, you can treat your lower back pain. For instant pain relief, try these few things:

  • Stretching
  • Hot shower
  • Foam roller
  • Go on a short walk

These wellness practices help keep your muscles loose, which can provide slight pain relief. Muscle knots are challenging to deal with. By seeing a chiropractor, you can loosen up tight muscle knots that are contributing to your lower back pain. Chiropractic care is arguably one of the best solutions for treating back pain. Professional chiropractors correct misalignments in the spinal cord, which contribute to chronic pain and injury. If you cannot fix your back pain from the wellness practice above, that’s a good indicator that you need to see a chiropractor.

Neck Pain (Text Neck)

Neck pain is another popular culprit that encourages people to see healthcare professionals, such as chiropractors. As a society, our necks are taking a beating. We are constantly looking downward at our phones, which is causing text neck to surge. Especially across the teenager population, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to prevent text neck. We love our phones, technology, and the internet. Some would even call us ‘addicted’ to our phones.

Unfortunately, teens aren’t the only ones suffering from neck pain due to the overuse of technology. How many adults do you know that now work from home? Probably more than before the pandemic! Now that people are countlessly starting down at their computers and sitting for long periods of the day, neck pain is becoming more common.

If you are dealing with serious neck pain, that is a strong reason that you need to see a chiropractor. For employees working from home, research if your HSA covers the chiropractor. You can get (essentially) free chiropractic care depending on how your health savings account is set up. Neck pain is nothing to bat an eye at. It’s imperative that you take it seriously if it gets serious. We each only have one neck! Chiropractors specialize in helping treat neck pain. Are you having trouble getting rid of a crick in your neck? Seeing the chiropractor consistently can help you treat cricks, aches, and pains throughout your neck and upper back.

Feeling Out of Alignment Emotionally

Chiropractors don’t only help people recover physically from injuries. At our wellness center in San Diego County, we provide holistic chiropractic care. That means we do more than simply treat your neck or back pain. Our team of doctors works with you to help you break through old limiting beliefs, empowering you to unlock the best version of yourself. If you’re dealing with emotional trauma from the past, our holistic chiropractic care will help you develop strategies to deal with this. You are strong and we are here to support you.

Our goal is to help you be the best version of yourself. We all have demons that we are battling against emotionally. If you want to optimize how you feel and overcome troubling trauma from your past, seeing a chiropractor can help you do that. More specifically, a holistic chiropractor like us. We strive to provide a safe and healing space for all. The reason why chiropractors require so many visits is that healing and changing are difficult. They don’t happen overnight, as much as we wished that they did. For anyone feeling ‘out of alignment’ emotionally, that is a great reason to see a chiropractor. Of course, if you feel out of alignment or ‘off’ physically, consider seeing a chiropractor too.

Knowing If You Need a Chiropractor

It’s hard to know anything definitively about our bodies and souls. Our physical bodies are extremely complicated. Knowing if you need a chiropractor based on certain symptoms is not black or white. Fortunately, chiropractors can help with a multitude of physical and emotional issues. Call us today to learn more about how a chiropractor can help you heal physically and emotionally. If any of the reasons above resonate with you, that’s a strong indicator that seeing a chiropractor can be beneficial.

What if you feel fine physically and emotionally? Chiropractors can also help you optimize your life and feel even better than you currently do. How do you know if you need to see a chiropractor when you want more out of life? Well, the best way to truly find out is to try it. Come check us out at our wellness center to learn more about how seeing a chiropractor can enhance your life.

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