What Fitness Routines Reduce Back and Neck Pain

If you work in an office and spend the most time on a desk, you cause strain to your back and neck, leading to lower back pain and neck aches. Also, continuous use of smartphones makes you bend your neck, causing stress. Neck and back pain are common complaints, and you need to find remedies for them. Regardless of the cause of the pain, stretching your neck and back muscles can help you recover from the pain. There are fitness routines that can help reduce back and neck pain.


Twin Waves Wellness Team

The muscles in the front and at the back of your spine need stretching if you have back pains. When you stretch the muscles, back pain will reduce significantly. The best way to stretch your back muscles is by doing planks. Have a fitness routine where you balance your elbows and toes for about one minute. Take a rest and redo the planks. They will activate the muscles responsible for stabilizing your spine and improving your posture. Doing three sets of planks, one minute each every morning, will help you reduce back pain.

Modified Cobra

This stretching exercise will help straighten your back and neck muscles. You will have to start with your hips pressed on the floor, your thumbs below your shoulder, and extend your legs back. As you press your hips down, tighten your glutes, and lift your head and back up. At this point, you feel a stretch towards your waist. Raise your chest, and stretch your back upwards as you hold your breath. Relax in that position for 45 seconds, then release yourself. You can learn this yoga move at a  200-hour yoga teacher training for 2 weeks and do it three times every day.

Straight Leg Bridge

A straight leg bridge helps straighten the lower back muscles, which will relieve your back pains. For the exercise, you will need a chair or an exercise ball. With your legs on the chair or exercising ball, you lie on your back and place your palms on the ground. Swiftly try and lift your hips in the air, with your feet up and your palms on the floor. Try aligning your shoulder, hips, and ankles. With the help of your hands, lift your body in a straight line from the ankles, and try holding in that position. Keep lifting your body without straining back, then come back slowly and relax. Repeat the exercise five times every morning and evening.

Pelvic Tilts

When your back muscles are tight, you have recurring back pain. Pelvic tilt exercise will help keep your back muscles flexible. To perform pelvic tilts, lie on the back, bend your knees, keep your feet flat, and put your arms on the side. Create an arch on your lower back as you push your stomach out. Hold yourself in that position for 10 seconds and relax. Flatten your back, and relax as you push your belly button towards the floor. Hold yourself in that position for 10 seconds, then relax. To achieve do away with back pain, repeat this exercise every day as you increase the holding period to 30 seconds.

Side Tilt

The side tilt exercise will help you reduce neck pains by stretching the neck muscles. You can do side tilt while standing, feet apart, and arms on the sides. Tilt your head and try to touch your right ear. As you tilt your head, do not raise your shoulder. Once you feel the stretch, relax, and hold your head in that position for 10 seconds, then return it to the start position gently. Repeat the tilting towards your left shoulder. Do the side tilts repetitively until you feel like your neck muscles are well stretched. You can do 10 sets per day, and you will notice a relief in neck pains.

The back offers body support, and it is essential to have strong back muscles. On the other hand, neck muscles help support the spine and aid the head, shoulder, and upper back movement. You need to have a regular fitness routine that will help you stretch your neck and back muscles and get relief from the pain. Contact us today to visit our San Diego County Wellness Center and improve your physical health.

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