What is Energy Healing?

Medicine goes back as far as humans have walked this Earth. In fact, there is evidence of people using medicine as far back as 2000 BC. Medicine has of course come a long way, but there is a reason Shamans and other non-traditional medicines have been present throughout various time periods and civilizations. Like medicine, energy healing is a modality of healing used to help people become heal, become well, and reduce stress within the body.

What Is Energy Healing?

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Energy Healing, also known as “energy medicine”, is an approach to healing that involves using energy combined with intention to help a person heal from past traumas. These traumas could be physical, mental, or emotional.

Does Energy Healing Work?

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To the layperson, energy healing may sound like a pseudoscience. You can call it “woo woo” or “new aged;” however, when you really think about it, energy is actually ALL science! Think of an atom. Isn’t an atom mostly energy and empty space? Can you see an atom? Even if you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Think of a water molecule. The only difference between water as a solid, liquid, or gas, is the amount of energy it holds. 

If energy is science, wouldn’t it seem reasonable that people can heal by using energy?

Is Energy Healing Right For Me?

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Some people find energy healing because they seem to have tried everything under the sun, and they are tired of popping a pill to only mask their symptoms. Other people are curious as to how energy healing can take them to the next level in their bodies or lives. In other words, they are ready for change and transformation. Regardless of how people find energy healing, if you are looking for a more natural, holistic approach to health that creates effective, sustainable, and long-lasting changes, energy healing is for you!

Energy Healing is Changing the World’s Perspective on Health

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Energy work has become more popular over the last few years. After 2020, the entire world is taking health more seriously. Many people are more open to healing energetically and are excited to try something new with their bodies, minds, and souls.

While energy healing may have ancient roots, it was the original source of medicine before prescription medicines came into the picture. Why is energy work becoming more popular, and what type is right for you?

Types of Energy Healing

1.) Healing with Crystals

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Crystals have often been referred to as healing gems. Although you may not think of crystals as energy, everything is energy. Crystals have always ranked as a top choice for those who practice energy work. They are often worn as pendants on necklaces, but they are recognized for their ability to heal by color and type of crystal. There are numerous charts and articles written on the topic to help everyone find the crystal that is right for them. One of the most easily accessible crystals of our time is clear quartz.

It is known for its ability to be a “master healer”. Quartz has been referenced as the crystal that is perfect for absorbing negative energy or emotions, as well as helping to release them.

Technology enhancements also play a role in the energetic healing that takes place today. There are spiritual technology tools that you can use to heal, alongside physical tools like crystals. Get creative and figure out what healing modalities best fit your needs.

2.) Network Spinal

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Founded by Dr. Donald Epstein, Network Spinal is a version of holistic chiropractic care that focuses on stored tension within the body. There is no ‘cracking’ when visiting one of these chiropractors and receiving an ‘entrainment’.

Network doctors are able to harness parts of the body that are resourced, and guide that energy to places in the body that are less resourced. There are gentle touches used along the neck, spine, and back that guide this energy.

Studies have shown that this energy work can help heal physical pain and injuries, similar to the bone-cracking chiropractic you may be used to. The truly special thing about Network Spinal is that it can also help people release emotional trauma stored in the body through past experiences. Through this energy work, you can conquer things from your past that have been difficult to fully face.

3.) Reiki

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Did you know that energy work comes in various forms? One of the most popular forms of energy healing is Reiki. The primary goal of practicing Reiki is to reduce stress. In a world of constant outside noise, destressing is key to remaining aligned throughout your day. Other great benefits from this method of energy work include:

  • Mind, body, and spirit alignment
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced spiritual well-being and emotional cleansing
  • Improved focus
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Releases stored tension

Consider trying out these creative and unique forms of energy healing. There is something out there for everyone. Ask yourself what your mind, body, and soul truly need. And, of course, be kind to yourself along the way throughout your journey of healing. Contact us to learn more about energetic ways of healing.

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