4 Powerful Wellness Practices That You Can Add To Your Routine

Wellness practices, such as setting aside one day a week to increase your meaningful social interactions, increasing your yoga practice (or start one), increasing body wellness, and mindful knowledge, are very important for what makes a happy life.

In this article, we will look at the four wellness practices that you can start incorporating into your week today to bring in new ways how to improve your lifestyle.

Ways to Better Your Life: How Do You Increase Your Meaningful Social Interactions Once a Week?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Once a week, make a plan to reach out to either family, friends, or someone in the neighborhood, talk with them and impact them positively.

This can be as short as a ten-minute conversation, or as long as it takes to eat dinner together.

What Do I Mean by ‘Meaningful’ Social Interactions?

‘Meaningful’ social interactions are usually in person, face-to-face, or in cases of the family being across the world, can be a video or voice call. If the interaction is face-to-face, they should be a neighbor, close friend, or family. If it is a video or voice call, it should be with close friends and family.

Avoid contacting people who only know you over the internet, or acquaintances you met at a business or party function. You want to connect with people who care about you for who you are, not for social or economical gain.

What Are Some Examples of Meaningful Social Interactions?

Here are some examples of meaningful social interactions:

  • Video calling your relatives
  • Voice calling your grandmother
  • Inviting a friend over for lunch
  • Gifting food to the neighbor next door

When calling relatives, it is good to inquire about everyone else in the household and if they need any help at all. If they do, it is good to do everything reasonably in your power to help. Charitable acts, especially among family, will lift your spirits.

When inviting a friend over for lunch, insist that they sit in the best seat in the house and make them feel like a superstar. Give them the best food in the house, feed them well, sit, smile, and talk with them.

How Should Meaningful Social Interactions Make You Feel Afterward?

Meaningful social interactions have been a success when afterward you feel a light-heartedness in your chest and feel refreshed. As a human species, we thrive on feeling connected, and the brain has a reward system in place for positive interaction that contributes to a better state of well-being.

Psychology Today has an in-depth article on the science behind how conversations make us feel and wrote “‘Feel good’ conversations trigger higher levels of dopamine, oxytocin, [and] endorphins … that [gives] us a sense of well-being.”

Mental Health America wrote in their article that “Social connection and doing something nice for someone else … is a great way to lift your own spirits.”

How Do You Increase Your Yoga Practice (or Start One) Once a Week?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Once a week, either start a yoga practice or broaden the horizon of your current yoga practice by learning more about yoga and meditation.

What Are Some Examples of Learning More About Yoga and Meditation?

Here are some examples of learning more about yoga and meditation:

  • Take online yoga classes
  • Research the history of yoga
  • Read the benefits of yoga and meditation
  • Memorize two to five new forms to add to your yoga practice
  • Learn about how to incorporate meditation into your practice

How Do You Increase Your Body Wellness Knowledge Once a Week?

Body wellness covers necessities such as nutrition, sleep, and physical care (alleviation from pain, spinal correction, and other body issues.) Learning more about these sectors of life can greatly help with ways to better your life.

What Are Some Examples of Increasing Body Wellness Knowledge?

Here are some examples of increasing body wellness knowledge:

  • Learn what the effects are of healthy versus unhealthy food in your body
  • Learn new dishes that are healthy, nutritious, and fit into your schedule
  • Read how sleep affects your health, and what amount of hours are necessary for an adult
  • Learn ways to tackle insomnia, and consider getting a sleep cycle app to track the regularity of your sleep.
  • Learn ways to incorporate exercise into your life, be it little hacks like parking further away from the grocery store, or adding push-ups in your morning or nightly routine
  • Research how network spinal chiropractic care can be beneficial for your body, and consider scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor

How Do You Increase Your Mindful Knowledge Once a Week?

Twin Waves Wellness Team

Mindful knowledge is important to continually learn about, so it’s good to set aside one day a week to expand your knowledge as this helps you understand how your mind works, and what ways you can lead a happier life.

What Are Some Examples of Learning Mindful Knowledge?

Click here for our insight into what wellness can mean! Here are some examples of learning mindful knowledge:

  • Learn powerful journaling prompts that you can do once a week
  • Research how to boost your emotional intelligence, and memorize one or two new emotion names
  • Find new self-help books, choose one that interests you, and set time each week to read it
  • Find any free resources on techniques that therapists use to elicit break-throughs in their clients, and incorporate them into your own routine
  • Attend a seminar or workshop on mindful techniques
  • Learn how the speed of the breath affects the speed of your thoughts, and how slowing your breathing can slow your thoughts. This is called combat, box, or tactical breathing, and you can read more about it here
  • Understand the psychology behind mindful techniques, and why a psychologist might recommend them

Wellness Practices

There are many ways to improve your life and learn about what makes a happy life. In this article, we’ve only looked at a small fraction of the possibilities available on how to improve your lifestyle and lead a happier life: social interactions, yoga, body wellness, and mindful knowledge.

As you pursue these four wellness practices in the coming weeks, you’ll notice your horizons begin to expand, and joy waiting for you to discover if you just open the door and let it in.

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